Czechs expel two Russian diplomats

The Czech Republic has expelled two Russian diplomats, one of whom is a deputy military attaché, according to a Czech website. Moscow has called it a “provocation”.

The other diplomat was simply 'recommended not to come back from holiday'.

“That’s another provocation,” said Sergey Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister.

However, neither the Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, nor the republic’s Foreign Ministry, commented on any of the claims being made.

"The ministry does not comment on such sort of information, whether this has or has not taken place," a Czech Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"This is nonsense,” said Russian embassy official Vladimir Fyodorov, commenting on the issue. “I do not have this information."

Meanwhile, a Czech website, iDNES, says that the republic’s military intelligence agency was told that the diplomats were working for the Russian secret services. It also alleges that two-thirds of the 200 embassy and consulate staff are involved in spying.