Defense industry chief Rogozin demonstrates handgun skills in YouTube video

© Rokossovskiy Konstantin
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has held a weekend master class in practical shooting at a Moscow range, demonstrating unorthodox handgun skills, including instinctive and ambidextrous pistol shooting.

“All roads lead to the shooting range” Rogozin tweeted as he announced the master class in pistol shooting. Later, a video appeared online showing him hitting targets from various positions and in various styles, including ambidextrous shooting, which in Russian is better known as ‘Macedonian’ style.

Rogozin was a well-known firearms enthusiast long before his appointment as deputy PM in charge of the defense industry. He has also used his expertise in this field to promote certain models of the newest Russian weapons, such as ORSIS sniper rifles and the latest developments of the Kalashnikov concern.

In 2012, Rogozin traded in his BMW car for the civilian version of the Russian ‘Tigr’ (tiger) combat vehicle.

“I’ve been telling that [the] Russian defense industry can do quality non-military products,” Rogozin tweeted back then. “Let’s switch from ‘trophy’ to domestic!”

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