‘Global fight against terror is impossible without Russia’ - parliamentary leader

‘Global fight against terror is impossible without Russia’ - parliamentary leader
Russia has repeatedly called for all nations to unite against the terrorist threat, and it is a matter of regret that Western states ignore these calls, the Russian upper house speaker said about the Paris attacks.

“President Vladimir Putin is constantly urging close cooperation in fighting this threat, which today is really the most serious mankind faces. However, the reaction from many states is still unwarrantably slow. They might voice support for this idea, but they don’t hurry to take any practical steps. The tragedy in Paris is one more signal for politicians and state officials that it is time to take joint steps in countering terrorism,” Federation Council chair Valentina Matviyenko said in an interview with Izvestia daily.

She added that Russian parliamentarians would do everything to help coordinate the joint effort of all nations against the common foe and evil of terrorism.

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Matviyenko also noted that the Paris attacks demonstrated yet once more that the threat of terrorism is spreading beyond known hotspots and is becoming global.

The upper house leader acknowledged cooperation between Russia and the West had deteriorated over the past few years, but blamed this fact on “certain political powers in the West” that pursue their own goals of political domination. “Leaders of some of the Western states are trying to blacken Russia’s reputation and prevent us from taking part in solving global problems by painting our country as evil,” she said.

To combat this slander, Russian politicians of all levels, including members of parliament, endeavor to promote deeper contacts and dialogue. “Despite all ‘scary tales’ we feel no isolation in relation to other parliaments or in international politics. I think foreign partners are attracted by Russia’s resolute position and consistent foreign policy, based on strict observation of international law and respect for the sovereignty and uniqueness of every nation and its people, and their right to determine their fate without foreign interference,” Matviyenko said.

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The upper house speaker also said that in recent months she has noticed changes for the better in foreign nations’ attitude to Russia. “Pressuring Russia into changing its principal position, including by sanctions, is something that lacks legitimacy and, more importantly, feasibility. They are beginning to understand this in the West. There are many reasonable people there, including politicians and diplomats.

“Both in the USA and Europe people are coming to understand that without Russia it is impossible to solve any international problems effectively. We are asking our partners to drop the mutual claims as soon as possible and to start listening to each other’s positions in order to understand them.”