‘Indifference, blindness and no moral doubts in Israel about the operation in Gaza’

A Palestinian woman sits next to her destroyed house after returning to it in the Shejaia neighborhood, which witnesses said was heavily hit by Israeli shelling and air strikes during an Israeli offensive, in the east of Gaza City August 5, 2014 (Reuters / Mohammed Salem)
The suffering of Palestinians and the inhabitants of Gaza, and the Palestinian sacrifices are hardly covered in Israeli media; it is concentrated only on its own sacrifice, Israeli price, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy from the Haaretz newspaper told RT.

RT:The Times of Israel recently published an article called "When Genocide is permissible" in which the author tried to justify the deadly operation. The text was quickly taken offline ... but what does it reveal about the general sentiment among Israelis?

Gideon Levy: As it started it continues. There is vast majority for this operation and for the continuance of this operation. At the same time there is almost overall indifference towards the suffering of Palestinians, the suffering of the inhabitants of Gaza, the Palestinian sacrifices are hardly covered in Israeli media, it is concentrated only on its own sacrifice, Israeli price. By and large you see either indifference or in extreme cases even joy towards horrible scenes that we are exposed to from Gaza.

RT:The international media has been reporting groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops close to the Gaza border to cheer, whoop and whistle as the bombs shower on Palestine. How representative is this intense level of hatred?

GL: First of all, let me be clear. This is an extreme example and this does not reflect the general feeling. But unfortunately, the general feeling is characterized by mainly indifference, total blindness, no moral doubts, almost no debates about the morality of this operation, about the shocking figures of children killed, women killed, civilians killed. All this is almost not on the Israel agenda.

RT:Isn't Israel afraid of ruining its international reputation by continuing with this military operation?

GL: First of all, let’s not exaggerate because until now the world quite stood and didn’t really take any kind of harsh steps on Israel or real pressure to put an end to it. There was some lips service but not much more than this. I totally agree with you that in recent days there has been a change in tone by some leaders of the world, but I still think this will not make a change in terms of Israeli public opinion. Israel’s public opinion knows how to protect itself from such phenomena, namely any criticism is immediately tagged as anti-Semitism and that is not our fault, it’s the world’s fault.

RT:How long it will go on?

GL: I hope it will not go on, but nobody knows how it will end because on one side it’s very clear that all parties are interested in putting an end to it, but Hamas wants to come out with some kind of achievement, and I’m not sure that Israel and Egypt will let Hamas come out with any kind of achievement out of it, and therefore, it can take some more days.

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