Harry Fear

Harry Fear is a correspondent for RT, best known for his coverage of the Gaza Wars of 2012 and 2014. Based in London, he covers a wide range of social, political and economic stories in the UK and continental Europe for both UK-exclusive audiences and anglophone international audiences. He frequently covers various breaking international stories (from the Greek debt crisis to the Charlie Hebdo attacks) and global summits (from NATO to the G7). In Britain, he regularly reports on the economy; surveillance & privacy; civil protest; immigration & asylum; and Islamophobia. Before joining RT he was a crowd-funded filmmaker, radio host and freelance reporter. In Gaza in 2012, he produced and presented a wartime live stream of breaking news with a soundscape of drones and airstrikes, which gained an online following of half a million viewers and for which he was nominated for a Next Century Foundation International Media Awards in 2013. Harry is also an accomplished public speaker and has delivered talks in 14 countries, including at 3 TEDx conferences (on media bias; on compassionate world outlooks; and on meaningful personal development). He also uses social media to raise awareness of under-reported international stories.