Warships on voyage as Russia’s Pacific Fleet celebrates 287th anniversary

Festive events were held on Monday aboard the ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet, dedicated to the 287th anniversary of its formation. The fleet is now one of the largest operational and strategic parts of the Russian Navy, providing protection for state interests in the Asia-Pacific region. The fleet’s ships fulfil military tasks in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, in the Sea of Okhotsk, Japan and South China Sea, as well as in the Mediterranean. On May 7, a group of Pacific Fleet ships left Vladivostok for the Pacific Rim to perform a number of tasks during a two-month voyage, entering foreign ports and taking part in the Russian-Chinese maneuvers ‘Maritime Cooperation 2018.’ The group includes the ‘Admiral Vinogradov’ and ‘Admiral Tributs’ major anti-submarine ships, as well as the ‘Pechenga’ sea tanker, the fleet’s press service said. The detachment conducted anti-submarine exercises in the Philippine Sea.