EU ministers analyzing Poland’s defense of judicial reforms that ‘weaken democracy’

Germany and Denmark told Poland on Tuesday to adhere to the rule of law, as EU ministers in Brussels were set to analyze Warsaw’s defense of a court overhaul that the bloc says weakens democracy. Poland stands accused of subjecting its courts to more government control since the Law and Justice (PiS) party won power in late 2015. The bloc has threatened to punish Warsaw, including using the ‘nuclear option’ of suspending Poland’s vote, if it does not restore the damaged checks and balances. It’s “very important that we stick to the common rules,” Danish Foreign Affairs Minister Anders Samuelsen said. Germany’s EU minister, Michael Roth, said Poland, which may risk losing billions of euro in EU handouts, must not just play for time. The European Commission has given Poland until Tuesday to restore the rule of law, or risk proceedings under the Article 7 punishment mechanism.