Greek court rejects Turkey’s extradition request for woman detained among 9 suspects

A Greek court on Wednesday rejected Ankara’s extradition request for a young woman who was among nine suspected Turkish militants arrested in Athens ahead of a visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan late last year. A panel of three judges ruled that Halaz Secer, 21, may be tried for issues other than what the extradition request sought her for and that her life could be in danger if returned to Turkey, AP reported. The judges also ruled that some offences she was being sought for, such as participating in protests and making banners, were not crimes. The nine Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin were arrested for alleged links to the left-wing Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party Front, which Turkey, the US and the EU consider a terrorist organization. Naci Ozpolat, 48, and Mehmet Dogan, 60, have also had extradition requests for them rejected in recent weeks.