US allegations on Syria chemical attack is ‘provocation ahead of Syrian Dialogue Congress’ – Moscow

Washington’s statements on a chemical attack in East Ghouta, Syria, are too far-reaching, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Wednesday. He also described the US groundless statements on the latest chemical attack in Syria as a provocation ahead of Syrian National Dialogue Congress due in Russia, Sputnik reported. “Every time before an important international event… the US throws some unconfirmed, falsified and unfounded stories into the media space about the alleged use of new chemical weapons” in Syria, Ryabkov said. “We urge the US to abandon their aspirations to impose their own will on us and the members of the international community,” he added. The statements and actions of the US can also be regarded as an attempt to “use the Syrian material” to continue “the doomed to failure policy” of deterring Russia, Ryabkov said.