Former co-leader of Alternative for Germany to found new party

Frauke Petry, the former co-leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), wants to form her own party after quitting the far-right group, Reuters reports. The resignation followed the September 24 national election which catapulted the AfD into parliament as the third-largest bloc. Petry, a 42-year-old chemist who was the most high-profile figure in the AfD’s more moderate wing, answered “Yes” when she was asked in an interview whether she wanted to form her own group in the Bundestag lower house and then a party. She and her supporters in the assembly of Saxony are also planning to form a group with the aim of running in the 2019 regional election. Petry said “the clientele for what we want to do, namely practical politics with a clear market orientation, is much bigger outside the AfD.”