Yanukovich buys drugs via Internet

The Ukrainian President has bought a variety of soft and hard drugs through the Internet and presented them to the country's top law enforcers.

Yanukovich was surprised when he discovered how easily one may buy drugs in the country.

At an issue-related meeting with Ukraine’s law-enforcement authorities on Thursday he claimed that Internet is one of the main distribution channels of narcotics.

“What fight (with the trafficking of drugs) are we talking about when you may buy any drug via a website?!” Yanukovich remonstrated while demonstrating the drugs which had been acquired online by his aides.

”It took my aides a few hours to get this,” he said, adding that “this was distributed via Internet media.”

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, drug trafficking via Ukraine has become a real headache for the country’s authorities. A local center for social adaptation “Narconon” reports that there are more than 130,000 “official” drug addicts in the country, with the real number, according to some assessments, mounting to over two million. The overwhelming majority of those are people under 25 years old.