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13 Aug, 2007 11:25

Woodwind quintet performs in Moscow's Sheremetyevo manor

Musical events are often hosted in the picturesque setting of historical estates and mansions in Moscow, and the latest cultural calendar highlight was last weekend's concert of “Classic Ensemble”.

The centuries-old Sheremetyevo manor has already heard the sounds of these woodwind instruments. Back in the 18th century they were played separately, and only now the Classic Ensemble brings them together.

In those times, the best works of Bach and Mozart existed in two variations – for strings and woodwind instruments.

“The music they perform is beautifully written and easy to understand. It becomes enchanting when played on woodwinds,” said Konstantin Zakrevsky, 'Classic Ensemble' Director.

Igor Suntsov, the orchestra's veteran, played a part in popularising the woodwind instruments, and performed in a quintet himself.

“People are used to hearing string quartets play almost anything but are greatly surprised when woodwinds sound as well,” commented Igor Suntsov, flute player.

Vadim Klokov lives in Brazil but during his vacation he came back to Russia and endeavoured to re-assemble the group he performed with 20 years ago.

He said that similar quintets exist in Brazil as well, but music is performed in Catholic cathedrals there.

“Some of the quintets vary their repertoire. They may perform Brazilian music, but don't dare to interpret Bach and Mozart,” stressed Vadim Klokov, bassoon player.

Five Russian musicians don't have such a problem, entertaining the Russian audience for years already and hopefully for years to come.