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9 May, 2010 18:43

We should encourage youngsters to remember the war lessons- journalist

“The role of the Soviet Union and Russia and other countries, which are now independent, is completely underestimated in Europe,” says Italian journalist Fabrizio Dragosei.

“I don’t think there is enough knowledge of that and I don’t think people remember this day so well and the young people, perhaps, don’t know what it was about. A lot of youngsters at school stop studying history with the First World War,” says Fabrizio Dragosei.

The journalists point out that television projects and history programs can do a lot to boost awareness of young people about WWII and the role the Soviet Union played.

“I think we must try and find a way to let them know what history was and especially to let them know what the lessons that we have still to keep in mind were, to show them how and why they were important for today’s life”, says Fabrizio Dragosei.

Mikhail Troitsky, a political expert, thinks that the participation of foreign troops in Moscow’s parade was important at all levels.

“At both level of state leadership and the level of the general public that was a very, very important achievement. For the leaders of the states involved this presented a test of honor, a test of courage, a test of ability to overcome the ghosts of the past,” he told RT.

“And for the public, for the younger Russians, it was indeed important to see that all these countries, all these servicemen may one day be united in performing some very important missions in pursuit of the international peace or any sort of humanitarian tasks all across the globe.”