There are saints among us

A man who stumbled across a stash of cash in northern Russia, decided he would take the honest option.

Fyodor Korotaev was driving from the city of Vologda when he spotted bags on the side of the road. He stopped and inspected them and found cash in rubles worth no less than US$120,000.

Despite the amount being equal to 200 months’ salary for a bus driver, he turned it in to police, who discovered the money belonged to the Russian Post Office. They were pensions, aid and money transfers for the locals.

The postal service said they will provide the honest man with a free subscription for ten newspapers and magazines of his choice as a reward for returning the lost package. According to other reports the Russian Post Office is also going to present Fyodor Korotaev with a Russian-made auto Lada Kalina. Driving a similar model car, Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin inspected the new highway connecting the country’s east and west in 2010.