‘Tax the rich and end the wars’

People are enthusiastic about the ongoing protests and change in the United States and more and more are joining in, author and activist David Swanson, who was among those demonstrating in Washington, told RT.

”When we march through the streets of this city and I have heard stories from other cities people joining the march,” he said. “We shout ‘We are the 99 per cent and so are you’ and they cheer and they join in and we applaud them. People honk their horns not in anger at the traffic jam but in solidarity.”

"We are beginning to realize that it is not our personal problems in our household but that everybody shares these problems,” Swanson added.

As for criticism towards the protesters that they are not organized enough and do not have a leader, David Swanson said that this is a deliberate position of the protesters.

“We are working to avoid having a leader,” he said. “People who saw a politician like Barack Obama as a leader are very disillusioned right now and that is good. They have got that right.”

”We do not need a leader. We need an agenda and we have it: tax the rich and end the wars and empower the majority rather than the corporate elite. It is quite simple,” Swanson added.

According to blogger Christopher Greene, what is going on in the US now is a revolution, including in people’s consciousness.

“This is a revolution. This is a change in psychology. This is an evolution in human consciousness,” he said. “The people are waking up and we are demanding change. This is not different from what we saw overseas in the Middle East and North Africa.”