US lift symbolic sanctions against Russian space firm

US lift symbolic sanctions against Russian space firm
Washington has lifted sanctions against Russian space company Glavkosmos, imposed in response to missile collaboration with Iran. The sanctions were merely symbolic, since the firm did not do business in the US.

The sanctions have been lifted starting Wednesday in a move motivated by interests of national security and foreign policy, a bulletin published by the Federal Register said.

Glavkosmos had been barred from dealing with American companies since June 30, 1998. The restriction was imposed in accordance with US non-proliferation legislation in response to the company’s cooperation with Iran. Shortly before that, Iran had successfully tested a ballistic missile.

Targeted by the same order were seven other Russian companies and organizations. Sanctions against them were lifted earlier, after no evidence of their contacts with Iran was found.

Earlier sanctions against Glavkosmos were imposed by the US in 1992 due to its supply of rocket engines to India. Those were lifted three years later.