US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton could lose his post

As the Democrats have won the mid-term elections in the US and are apparently in control of the Congress the US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton could lose his job following head of Pentagon Donald Rumsfeld.

Bolton is unlikely to get the US Senate's support to reinstate him in January when his temporary appointment to the post ends.

Critics accuse Bolton of having a go it alone stance on foreign policy that they say is ill-suited to the job of U.N. ambassador. But conservatives view him as a strong advocate of U.S. interests.

Faced with a new political landscape in Washington, Bush has signaled a more conciliatory approach on Iraq as he and the new House leaders pledged to work together. He conceded they would have differences

The Democrats meanwhile said they are looking towards raising the minimum wage, renewing expired tax breaks for college tuition and acting on recommendations from the September 11th commissions.