Thrill-seekers rush to Adrenalin Games

Thousands of enthusiastic fans packed Moscow's Tushino airport at the weekend for the second international Adrenalin Games. The two-day competition saw professional thrill-seekers from across the world competing in events like skateboarding, BMX street an

Among the sports more or less known to the public was fingerboarding – where sportsmen drive miniature skateboards with their hand through a ramp performing tricks similar to those undertaken on traditional skateboarding.

Taking part in the Game of Skate award ceremony were three-times Olympic figure-skating champion Irina Rodnina and President of the Skateboard and Extreme Sport Federation Oleg Savchenko.

Fans of extreme sports believe it's just a matter of time before events like skateboarding and BMX cycling follow in the footsteps of snowboarding to become Olympic sports.