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3 Oct, 2007 02:59

The Media Mirror - Today's Russian press review

Russian newspapers cover the sensation by the United Russia Party, which will put only one name on the federal party list, this being the name of the current President, write about Patriarch Aleksy II's speech at PACE session, and ‘regret’ Yulia Timoshenk

The second day of the United Russia party congress brought about another sensation, writes IZVESTIA: there will be no troika on the federal party list, there will be only one name – Vladimir Putin. Not even a party member, writes the paper, but a sure winner.

Looking at the handwritten pages of the President’s remarks at the party Congress, the correspondent asks questions that will need answers soon:

Is there any sense at all in going to the polls on December 2, when everything is already clear?

The paper says, now all the pro-president votes go to United Russia. It’s a Constitutional majority in the making.

And what becomes of presidential powers with Mr Putin leading the nation in the capacity of Prime Minister?

VREMYA NOVOSTEY says, the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, would rather see Putin as a life-time President than a Prime Minister. He still calls for popular support for Vladimir Putin’s third term as President, writes the paper.

Back to IZVESTIA with the latest survey results. The Central Institute for Public Opinion Research says, 57% of Russians would vote for a party with a strong social security programme. Only 15% will choose a party promoting democratic values above all, and 8% – party of wealthy and economically active people. 

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA writes about the speech of Patriarch Aleksy II at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly. The highest hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church said Christian morality, a core element in the origin of human rights, is losing importance. He criticised gay pride parades as propaganda of sin, says the paper.

KOMMERSANT says, apart from hitting at homosexuals Aleksy II said, the division of Kosovo will bring ruin to the holy sites of the Serb Orthodox Church. The paper quotes the Patriarch saying to applause: 'Kosovo must remain whole.'

KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA has a column by Mikhail Leontiev, editor of  PROFILE magazine saying: it’s a pity Yulia Timoshenko didn’t win the Ukrainian election. She would have shown us all! The writer says, Timoshenko is capable of totally ruining Ukraine within four months. The anarchy in Ukraine has been balancing on the verge of civil war for so long; everyone has gotten accustomed to it. The economy grows all by itself, thanks to a flourishing Russia nearby. Nothing depends on politics or politicians. The writer says, the political awareness of the Ukrainian population is still at the level of Russia in 1991.