‘Spiderman’ arrested after reaching top in 'illegal' Moscow climb

Urban climber Alain Robert, also known as 'Spiderman', has been arrested by Moscow police right after he conquered the 242-metre West Tower of Moscow's City Business Complex which is Europe’s tallest building. It took him about 30 minutes to climb to the

The ascent was officially forbidden by the Moscow police, so this was another ‘illegal’ climb as Alain Robert himself calls it.

'Spiderman' at the top
'Spiderman' at the top

The owners of the Business Complex gave their permission to the French urban climber and apparently paid him a certain sum of money, which is not surprising: his move caused a lot of publicity.

Alain Robert has wowed crowds by climbing more than seventy giant structures around the world using no safety ropes during his 9-year career.

He's often attempted his feats without approval from the authorities and has been arrested about 100 Dmitry Glukhovsky reporting from the site of Moscow's City Business Complex.