Slovak police seize `bomb` uranium

Slovakian police say Uranium seized on Wednesday was enriched enough to be used in a 'dirty bomb' to spread radioactive material.

But other experts are questioning their assessment saying the uranium may be far less lethal.

Slovakian investigators believe the material originated from a former Soviet Union republic.

Police say three alleged smugglers were detained on the Hungarian border.

“Yesterday at around 2 p.m. policemen from the Department for Fight Against Organised Crime together with their Hungarian colleagues caught three people, who tried to sell radioactive material. One of them is Ukrainian, another is Hungarian, but has lived in Ukraine for a long time, and the third is Hungarian,” Michal Kopcik, Slovak Police Vice President, commented.

The material they tried to sell could possibly be used for production of a so called “dirty bomb” and it could be also used for the purposes of terrorism,"
he added.