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9 Jul, 2010 03:30

Sect with pedophile motivation uncovered in Russia

In a Central Russian city, a group claiming to be a self-improvement foundation is at the center of allegations of performing sex acts which were witnessed by children.

The group, dubbed a sect, has been operating for many years and claimed it could help anyone who wanted to develop emotionally and spiritually.

But investigators say that in reality the group’s activities were of a much more sinister nature.

In an investigation into the group, police found around 300 DVDs and tapes witnessing strange acts, like one where a group of young children are putting on an innocent performance, until you realize they’re reciting obscene verses while the adults in the crowd laugh and cheer them on.

The children of the members drew some very disturbing pictures of strange characters with criminal and sexual characteristics.

The official reports make no mention that the children were raped by the adult members, but according to criminal legislation, even sexual relations between adults witnessed by children can be interpreted as molestation.

“The video shows stripping to complete nudity in front of young children, and this boy in particular is about 10 years old. There was body contact, including touching private parts,” informed Dmitry Annenkov of Orenburg Prosecutor's Office.

The sect was founded by 44-year-old former psychiatrist Vyacheslav Vesnin. In 1993 the doctor quit his job, changed his name and founded the self-improvement center.

Members paid for sessions which are alleged to have taken place in schools, community centers and camps, with the leader paying rent for the spaces.

“Many of them were holding jobs with state authorities, commercial organizations – there were lawyers, teachers, quite an assortment of people,” reported Bazargaley Yermekov, spokesman of the Regional Police Department.

Authorities arrested the group during one of their “field trips” to a different town. They were all completely naked with more than 10 children among them.

The group leader is now under arrest while the other members will be undergoing medical and psychiatric examinations, with witnesses being cross-examined to try and establish the extent of the abuse.