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24 Jun, 2007 02:26

Russian Navy hails new gear a success

Two high-tech underwater rescue apparatus have been tested in the ice-cold of the Baltic Sea. The “Panther-Plus” remote-controlled vehicle and a brand new atmospheric diving suit are the latest additions to the Russian Navy's rescue service.

The recent tests in the Baltic Sea proved to a huge success, after the entire crew of a submarine were rescued.

New devices made the operation totally new for Russian rescuers. The deep-sea rescue apparatus successfully attached to the submarine on the seabed allowing the sailors to leave the so-called “dry way”. During the work the “damaged” submarine was ventilated to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide, what let's the sailors survive longer.

A special unmanned vehicle, operated with the help of television cameras called “Panther-plus”, also assisted in the rescue. It can locate objects within a radius of a thousand metres and then carefully examine them. The ROV was assisted by the pilot of an advanced diving hardsuit, which allows the diver to attach all the necessary equipment at extreme depths and manoeuvre easily.

This year the Russian navy is expected to put these new devices into service, and they'll be available at a moment's notice to be sent to an accident anywhere in the world. The new equipment will be a welcome addition to the rescue services, making the life of submariners in the Russian navy that much safer.