Russian billionaire suspected of mafia links – media

The Russian General Prosecutor’s office has requested details from a Spanish court in a case involving Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, Russian media report.

The move comes after a request by the tycoon himself, who wants clarification over reports in Spain regarding his alleged links with the mob.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the owner of the aluminum company “Rusal” is suspected of laundering four million euros in Spain in the early 2000s through bank accounts belonging to the Russian mafia.

The information came out during a major investigation into organized crime in Spain carried out by the internationally renowned Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon. Garzon is to arrive in Moscow in December to study Deripaska’s alleged involvement, says El Mundo.

Deripaska’s spokesman denied the allegations and says the tycoon is ready to answer any questions.

In the past, the Spanish judge has dealt with cases involving Pinochet, Berlusconi and Bin Laden.