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20 Sep, 2007 02:29

Russian and Indian commandos share anti-terror techniques

Joint international anti-terrorism exercises are entering their final phase in Russia's North-Western city of Pskov. 160 Indian soldiers are taking part in the nine-day marathon of combined manoeuvres with Russian paratroopers.

For the first time Indian troops have come to Russia, though military co-operation between the two countries goes back almost half a century.

Almost 40% of Russian arms exports go to India. The bulk of the Indian armed forces – the second largest in the world – are equipped with Russian weapons. But coping with a Russian-made parachute is still a challenge.

“As far as our soldiers are concerned – it was their first jump onto new soil. It was a first jump from a different aircraft. And it was a first jump with a new parachute,” commented General Navkiran Ghei, Indian Airborne Forces.

After conducting their first jump onto Russian soil, the Indian commandos lined up to receive the badges of Russian paratroopers.

To break down the language barriers interpreters have been brought in.

For nine days the Indian soldiers are running, jumping and crossing rivers to exchange experiences in fighting terrorism with Russian Army elite – paratroopers.

“Terrorists know no boundaries. And to combat them the nations need to co-operate now. We have to co-operate at the international level in order to be prepared to take on the situation,” added General Navkiran Ghei.

And the cold Russian weather doesn’t scare them off.
The troops will have more challenges ahead of them the next several days. And next year it will be the Russian soldiers’ turn to travel to India – for the next step in the joint exercises.