Champagne supernova! Russians meet New 2010 Year

Celebrations are underway in the Russian capital as we welcome not just a New Year, but also a new decade.

Thousands of revellers are there to party the night away. RT presents a spectacular display of fireworks, coming to you right from the heart of Moscow – Red Square.

Celebration on the Red Square


Happy New Year to you, from everyone at RT!

Russian New Year traditions and hopes for the coming year


Several very typical Russian New Year events are the fireworks on Red Square and the celebratory bells of the Kremlin’s Spasskaya tower. But no festive table can do without the Olivier salad, which goes back to Tsar times, or tangerines, reminding us of the Soviet era, and, of course, a bottle of good champagne.

And, as the old Russian saying goes, how you celebrate the New Year is how the entire year will turn out!