RT cockroach finishes second in a race

On the most “lucky” day of 2007, 07/07/07, RT TV channel has taken part in a cockroach race. The six-centimetre beauty named Antonina has run the distance thrice as long as the other participants, nevertheless coming second!

As promised by the event's organiser Knyazev Production Centre, an actual African cockroach has arrived in RT office on Friday. The staff received the unusual visitor warmly: the cockroach was named Anton and treated with cucumbers, bread and sugar. Several hours later, Anton has fully recuperated and was feeling well.

On July 7, Anton has joined the race in a newly-built cockroach arena at Persona Grata Club, and finished second, being wholeheartedly supported by the RT Entertainment Team and its head Dmitry Mirimanov.

During the race it appeared that the RT new recruit was actually not Anton, but Antonina! She showed excellent race performance, almost reaching the finish line, turning back and then again turning into the right direction. And, nevertheless, Antonina finished second, yielding only to her Loaded Magazine’s rival!

The full information on the race will be provided later by the RT Entertainment Team. Keep up with news!