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29 Sep, 2009 11:54

Moscow considers joint missile shield with NATO

Moscow is against NATO's anti-missile system becoming part of the US shield, but will consider the idea of Russia and NATO forming a “missile umbrella”, according to Russia’s NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin.

“If we have a clearer picture of what Washington is preparing, if we understand that the European anti-missile defense system is not going to be part of a US defense system, then such moves are possible,” Rogozin told journalists.

The official noted that the initiatives of Russia’s foreign partners are now being considered, but “it remains to be seen what will come out of it.” Rogozin stressed it won't work if it becomes part of a revitalised US shield program.

“If Russia gets direct access to decision-making about whether these systems should be used, this is going to be the best guarantee that these systems are not directed against Russia. How can one, roughly speaking, direct a well from which we both drink water against oneself? That’s why cooperation and joint efforts is the only possible way out. A marriage of convenience, so to speak, is the only thing that can remove Russia’s concerns,” Russia’s NATO envoy told RT.