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10 Feb, 2009 10:29

Riders ice it out at the Speedway World Cup

The Moscow Region has hosted the latest leg of the Speedway World Cup. This time, however, it featured riders battling it out on the ice, rather than a dirt track.

This year’s world cup in Krasnogorsk welcomed participants from seven countries. Around eight thousand people gathered at the Moscow region stadium to watch the action.

Speedway is quick and can often be a contact sport. A lot depends on the quality of ice. Riding on the ice requires very detailed preparations before the start.

“Today the ice was great. Even though the temperature was above zero degrees, the track was fine. I’d like to thank the organizers for doing such a great job,” said 2009 World Cup winner Nikolay Krasnikov.

Each of the racers appeared on the track five times during the day, with the top four proceeding to the final heat. Ten-time world champion Krasnikov was met with tough opposition, going up against two fellow countrymen and Austrian Franz Zorn.

In the end, Krasnikov still managed to finish the race first and become the 2009 World Cup winner, followed by a display of his acrobatic skills to the crowd.

“I’m very delighted with what happened today. I fulfilled everything I was aiming to do. It’s great to become champion here in front of such a big and warm-welcoming home crowd. Fantastic feelings!” said Krasnikov.

Speedway may not have a huge stage like the Olympics, but it has got devoted fans ready to pack the stadium year after year.