Rafting survivor celebrates marriage

There’s been a happy ending for one Russian survivor of a recent fatal rafting trip in China – he’s married the woman of his dreams in his home city of Kazan, in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan.

Three men died in the Yurungkash River tragedy and Aleksandr Zverev was one of two men rescued after a fortnight in the wilderness.

When 35-year-old Aleksandr returned home from China, he said thoughts of his future wife got him through the ordeal.

Now he says his dream has come true.

Aleksandr's wife Olga has promised to join him if he decides to try another rafting expedition, but the newly-weds decided against taking chances with their honeymoon, and have chosen Egypt as a safe bet.

One man is still missing from the rafting expedition, which took place on an extremely treacherous river that has never been conquered.