OSCE tries to unravel Russia-Georgia missile muddle

“A dangerous situation”, that's the way Miomir Zuzul, from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, described allegations by Georgia that Russia fired a missile at it last month.

The Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office was looking into Tbilisi's claim that on August 6, a Russian SU-24 jet fired a missile onto its territory near the village of Tsitelubani, close to the border with Georgia’s breakaway Republic of Abkhazia. The rocket didn't explode and no one was injured.

Moscow denies the accusation.

Miomir Zuzul suggested the steps that should be taken.

“What Chairman-in-Office accepted as our recommendation and put as a proposal, is to have some kind of representatives or a special representative of the Chairman-in-Office who will be appointed, designated by the Chairmanship at the beginning of the year, so in case of some new incidents that person could react immediately without waiting for a procedure. We should concentrate on how to avoid further incidents, but I do agree one of the ways to avoid further incidents is to know exactly the truth, to know what happened,” he said.