One killed and two wounded in Dagestan operation

One killed and two wounded in Dagestan operation
At least one Russian officer has been killed and two wounded during a special operation that is underway in the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan. Russian Special Forces continue to search for remaining militants. 

According to a spokesman from the Dagestan Ministry of Internal Affairs, a group of armed men was discovered by Russian police near the village of Gubden.

After a brief shoot-out the militants fled into a forest. The exact number of the militants is unknown. There is also no information on their casualties.

Russian Special Forces have started a search operation.

“There are up to ten militants hiding out in the forests near the village of Gubden. Early in the morning Russian special troops had the first encounter with them. Two officers were injured, one died. We have now found their hide-out with the food and arms supply. We have tracked the gunmen thanks to air surveillance and we are now chasing them,” said Mark Tolchinsky, an Interior Ministry spokesman in Dagestan.