Obama and Clinton neck and neck in Democrat race

It’s been a long road since the first Super Tuesday ballots were cast in the biggest day of the U.S. Presidential primaries. On the Republican side John McCain is now the clear front-runner. But the race between Democrat contenders Hillary Clinton and Bar

So far Obama has won 13 states and Clinton, eight. But Clinton’s wins in the biggest states of California and New York mean she's likely to gain more delegates.

She’s earned the support of women, Latin Americans and the Russian American community.

The U.S. is home to a large and politically active community of ethnic Russians, many of whom left their home country during Soviet times.

The Russian voting block isn't only unified, it's strong. In the last decade this constituency has gained enough power to swing elections in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. So in this tight presidential race, where every ballot counts, the support of this community might prove crucial for any candidate.