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17 Oct, 2007 07:00

No superpower can solve world's problems: Moscow

Speaking to the media during his trip to Iran, President Putin called for a multi-polar world order. He maintained that the current U.S. hegemony was a failure and it is not a good model for the future. Russia’s leader also touched upon the missile defenc

“We maintain that the world should be multi-polar. I am fully convinced that, despite efforts made by some, the uni-polar pattern has proved itself fully unfeasible. We can rule it out as something that didn’t work, an idea that cannot be put into practice,” President Putin said.

The Russian leader added that no country can solve all the world’s problems, and the status of international organisations should be strengthened.

“No world power, no matter how great it is, is able to solve all the world’s problems by itself. Nobody has enough financial, economic, material or political resources for this task. This has become obvious. The examples of Afghanistan and Iraq prove this. We suggest strengthening the status of international organisations, namely, the United Nations; strengthening the status of international law, respecting other nations’ sovereignty, and making decisions by achieving general consensus,” Vladimir Putin said.

He also touched on the subject of missile defence, saying that negotiations with the U.S. and Europe were not proceeding smoothly. 

“As far as missile defence in Europe is concerned, you know that our dialogue with our American and European partners is not proceeding very smoothly. We believe that if some missile defence system is to be created, it’s necessary to proceed on the basis of certain understandings,” he stressed.

Vladimir Putin dwelt upon the conditions necessary to resolve the situation for the common benefit:

“Firstly, it’s necessary to specify these missile threats. There is no reliable data as to where they are emanating from. At least, we don’t know them. If someone has this data, they should present it. Secondly, it’s necessary to ensure all countries involved will have access to this system. And that each participant should benefit from the security it is intended to provide. And finally, it’s necessary to reach an agreement to jointly manage the system.”