Muscovites pay last tribute to journalist Safronov

Muscovites pay last tribute to journalist Safronov
Around 300 people have turned out for a memorial ceremony in Moscow to pay tribute to Russian journalist Ivan Safronov. Kommersant newspaper's military correspondent fell to his death from a 5th floor window on Friday.

Investigators from the prosecutor's office are considering several theories, among them – murder masked as suicide. Police say the 51-year-old was not physically attacked before his death, but admit that a poison or a drug could have pushed Safronov to commit suicide. Special tests have been ordered.

According to the paper, police say the witnesses they have questioned deny the journalist had any reason to commit suicide.

Safronov had been working on articles alleging Russia had plans to supply military equipment to the Middle East via Belarus, to mask Moscow's involvement, something Minsk denies.

Safronov’s colleagues say they will hold their own inquiry into his death.