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4 Jul, 2007 04:21

Moscow swimmers defy pollution warnings

As hot summer days come to Moscow, many of its 10 MLN residents and some tourists choose to swim in the Moscow River. Although it's used for recreation, and city authorities are working on it, they admit pollution is still present.

As the Muscovites swim splash and play in the river, litter is left behind at the end of each day.

This is just a small example of what's been dredged up from the river bed, the garbage of Moscow living which has become 'urban treasure'.

Now, the latest technology is being used to conduct further analysis to get to the bottom of the problem.

This boat is equipped to monitor the river and its environment. The ship is believed to be one of a kind. It's a sophisticated floating lab. It has numerous sensors both onboard and on its underbelly, which allow scientists to gather real time information on the chemical analysis of the Moskva River.

The test results can be used very quickly to preserve and improve the river's ecology. And every day, whether it's a holiday or a weekend, the crew go out into the murky waters, on a regular mission to clean up the Moskva River.

But whatever the ecological status is, it still hasn't deterred city dwellers from taking full advantage of this much loved waterfront, as they escape from the hot and busy life of major city.

“The water tastes bitter. Smoke, oil from river beds. But it is good to swim anyway,” bathing children say.

“It is impossible not to get in to the water. It is lovely!” a woman assures while swimming in the Moskva River and invites others to do the same.

And even though, in comparison to rivers in other cities around the globe, the Moskva River seems to be relatively clean, but there are occasions when it still appears to have some problems on the surface.