Moscow-Rimini flights resumed

Moscow-Rimini flights resumed
Passengers at Moscow's Domodedovo airport have finally started their journeys and, most passengers who were stranded at Italty's Rimini airport, have returned to Moscow. Still, some 200 Russian tourists haven't been able to get home.

Two Boeings 757 belonging to VIM-Avia have taken 438 passengers back to Russia. Other passengers are due to arrive later onboard an S7 airlines flight.

In a separate incident, a Russian aircraft was grounded on Saturday night in the United Arab Emirates.

Almost 140 passengers spent over 14 hours in Sharjah airport, as crew members were questioned by local authorities. Some customers said the crew looked like they were intoxicated, but subsequent tests found no traces of alcohol in their blood.

Airline officials claim a technical failure caused the delay.