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11 Jul, 2007 02:08

Money talks?

“Money makes the world go around”, as the saying goes. For most of Russians this saying is their life priority. At least that's what recent polls show. But there are still those who abandon their penthouses for a simple life in the country.

Vladimir Torkhov is a manager in one of Moscow's companies. He has just finished his second year in university, majoring in Finance. Vladimir has been working ever since he was 14. Soon he is planning to start his own business. Career and prosperity are his top priorities.

“Money talks! In order to be happy one has to feel comfortable, to feel that way one has to earn money,” Vladimir believes.

And he is not alone. Recent polls conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center show that 54% of the country's population believes money rules this world.

“The role of money in people's minds is huge. For them it is the key to better consumption, glory and power,” notes Igor Eidman from Russian Public Opinion Research Centre.

With every year this priority is beating the power of love and eternal values.

But there are those who are ready to give up their Mercedes for a horse drawn cart, and a luxurious mansion, for a wooden cabin.

German Sterligov had millions of dollars in banking accounts. Now his main assets are sheep, cows, horses, ducks and chickens.

A happy peasant, Sterligov was among those who quickly found their way to success in post-Soviet Russia. It was Russia's first private stock exchange that made him famous and rich – named after his dog Alisa. The only thing that reminds one of his old business is the new puppy, and the closing bell that  now calls for lunch…