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Military boosts living conditions in Dagestan

A new highly equipped Russian military base has opened in the southern republic of Dagestan. It has all the facilities necessary for two thousand professional soldiers to serve and live.

It’s especially difficult to conduct military manoeuvers in the mountains. At a height of 5000 metres above sea level, it’s hard to even breathe easily due to the rare air. Only long-time residents and those who've had special training can operate up there effectively.

Ski resort

Thanks to the military base in the shadow of Europe's highest peak – Mount Elbrus – soldiers from the Russian Army can now carry out exercises in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable.

Built just a year ago, the base looks more like an alpine resort, than a strategic location.

A real mini-town, it has all the basic facilities, including a school, a kindergarten, shops and laundries.

Two thousand professional soldiers serve there. Many live with their families, who enjoy the fresh air and nice weather.

Changing local life

In this part of Russia, unemployment is high. Agriculture and small-scale trading are the locals' main source of income. Dagestan only survives thanks to financial support from Moscow.

Living conditions are severe, but the military are changing life for the better. Their presence insures bringing natural gas and building convenient roads.

Local residents also hope the military base will give jobs to youngsters living nearby.

As the infrastructure develops, the face of this village is changing. But there's still a lot of work to be done.

But the main reason for the Russian military camp to be in Dagestan is its closeness to Georgia and Azerbaijan.