Military aircraft parts under the pump

A Chinese entrepreneur hoped Russian customs wouldn’t see the difference between the jetfighter part and a water pump, when trying to smuggle an SU-27 power supply to China.

The man was caught on the Russian-Chinese border in the Zabaikalsk region.

“A sole trader, living in Beijing, agreed to transfer military equipment in two boxes in the guise of water-pumping set after his acquaintance asked him to. The detainee claims, he didn’t know what was inside the baggage,” the press office of Zabaikalsk customs said.

Unsurprisingly his cunning plan failed. Military experts conducted an examination and concluded that the confiscated parts are the main electric power supply for SU-27 on-board facilities.

Regional authorities are now deciding whether to launch a criminal case into the matter. If so, the Chinese entrepreneur can face up to seven years in prison for the “favor”.