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25 Jan, 2008 19:49

‘Man with seven faces’ arrested in Moscow

A man suspected of being one of the world's leading crime bosses has been arrested in Moscow. Semen Mogilevich was detained in the capital along with Russia's top perfume and cosmetics retailer, Vladimir Nekrasov.

Mogilevich's former wife, Olga Schneider, is also in custody. No information regarding her connection to the case has been released.

The two men have been charged with tax evasion of up to 50 million roubles – the equivalent of about $US 2 million.

Mogilevich has been on a wanted list in several countries and is said to be one of the world’s top five crime bosses.

Police in Ukraine, Israel and the U.S. have been chasing him for almost two decades. But in the end it was Russian authorities who finally sniffed the man out.

He’s wanted for alleged fraud, money laundering, racketeering, gun running and a number of other crimes.

In the early 1990s he reportedly led one of Moscow’s largest criminal gangs, who were allegedly involved in a number of murders.

In 1995 London seized a $US 80 million account, which reportedly belonged to one of Mogilevich's companies registered in Hungary. He's been a ‘persona non grata’ in the UK ever since.

He allegedly laundered over 10 bln Dollars through The Bank of New York. FBI opened had a representative office in Hungary just because of this one man.

Israelis claim the man illegally sold tanks and rockets to Iran. And even to Islamic terrorists.

Nekrasov's lawyers deny any connection between their client and Mogilevich. But the police believe Mogilevich was helping the Russian cosmetics giant evade taxes.