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19 Mar, 2010 04:03

Lawyer robs pensioners of millions, buries loot in forest

A lawyer, charged with stealing approximately 17 million dollars from an elderly couple, has revealed the stash to the police. The haul amounted to 70 kilograms of cash buried in the woods of the Moscow region.

Evgeny Skoblikov, legal aide to deceased businessman Sergey Rovbel, was entrusted by the pensioners to represent their interests in a bank after Sergey, their son, passed away.

Last autumn, Skoblikov withdrew six million dollars and seven million euros from a bank. However, instead of transferring it into the pensioners’ account, he allegedly decided to pocket the money for himself.

In an attempt to cover up the deed, the lawyer then alerted police that the money had been stolen from a flat he rented in Moscow. However, the police suspected that the robbery had been staged. After the pensioners themselves turned to the police claiming that Skoblikov had stolen their money, the lawyer was placed in custody.

Currently, the police have to recount the fortune and will hand it over to the legal owners after the court’s decision on the criminal case.

Meanwhile, Skoblikov’s wife has openly spoken out in defense of her husband. She does not believe her husband was capable of robbery, despite the fact he has admitted to the crime, reports Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“Somebody might have contributed to my husband taking the blame upon himself”, says the woman, as reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to the newspaper, the Rovbels are shocked concerning all the gossip about their family. Everybody in their home city of Novosibirsk is spreading rumors about how their son had earned so much money. They have remained in their flat and refuse to speak to anybody.

Originally, the pensioners wanted to spend the money on a children’s center.