Latvian studies for banned Byelorusians

Latvian universities have offered a lifeline to Belarusian students excluded from higher education. The state’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs calculates it can help around 100 students said to have confronted doors closed to continuing classes. Exclusion is

Students barred from studies at home have welcomed the move. The authorities aren’t so keen in capital Minsk. Belarus’ embassy in Latvia says it encourages its citizens to study abroad. They’re concerned, though, by what they see as European Union and United States institutions using study programmes abroad as political currency to discredit the Belarusian government.

It’s a valued second bite at the cherry for the young hopefuls. But stumbling blocks remain for those going for EU study. There’s a higher cost of living in Latvia than in Belarus. And there’s the problem of obtaining documentation about studies they’ve already completed at home.