Latino music is not just about tango

Salsa, samba or tango – that's what usually comes to mind when Latin American music is mentioned. But the ‘Four Seasons’ festival is looking further and introduces classical music to Russian audiences.

The house was full to capacity as Latin sounds are rarely heard in Moscow's concert halls.

The Artistic Director Vladislav Bulakhov says it was an unexpected success: “It's a great achievement that we brought Latin American composers here. We weren't sure that it would attract Russian music-lovers but as you see, we pulled it off.”

Eduardo Garcia Barrios, well-known conductor from Mexico opened the event. And the show concluded with a concerto by Argentinean Alberto Ginastera.

The “Four Seasons” festival will also travel around Russia. Each season it takes place in a different location – from Moscow to Sochi. Its next destination is St. Petersburg.