Joys and hurdles of life in a Siberian forest

Siberia's Krasnoyarsk region is the gateway to the Taiga forest, one of the most unspoilt environments on the planet. Despite having one of the harshest climates on Earth, many small communities live there.

In a village on the edge of taiga in Turukhansky region, where the nearest supermarket is a 13-hour boat ride away, making dinner becomes a little more challenging, and often before you cook the food, you have to catch it. Traditionally in Siberia it's the man's job to put food on the table.

Taking a simple shower is also not that easy there if you haven't got your own bath-house or 'banya', to heat up with your own chopped wood.

As for weekend evenings, there is a local night club for those who want to relax here, in the middle of the forest. Moreover, it has Russian billiards tables.

Russia Today's correspondent James Brown finishes his series of special reports from the region.

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