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3 Jun, 2010 10:23

“Israel committing an act of state terrorism”

The Gaza aid flotilla was designed to provoke Israel, claims the “Stand With Us” organization, while a Palestinian activist group call Israelis actions “an act of state terrorism.”

“There were six boats trying to provocatively break the blockade, their aim was to provoke,” claims Michael Dickson from the Stand With Us group, putting forth Israelis’ view of events. “Israel made constant warnings to them to come and take the humanitarian aid on shore where it will be distributed to Gazans like it is distributed every day.”

“Five ships where boarded successfully and peacefully, the final one had violent intentions. On board there were protesters linked to a radical Islamist organization. They were armed with machetes, sticks and batons. No peaceful protesters act this way. And that’s why it happened,” Dickson outlined his view of Monday’s developments.

But Omar Barghoutti from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel argues that “Israel committed an act of state terrorism against a civilian ship on the high seas – international waters."

"There is absolutely no legal or moral justification. Israel is simply ignoring international law and acting as a pariah,” Omar Barghoutti said.