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Interview with Vladimir Evseev

Vladimir Evseev, a military analyst, came to our studio to speak on the world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb tested recently by the Russian military and the the importance of that.

Russia Today: What are the implications for this test as far as Russia is concerned?

Vladimir Evseev: It is typical for Russia. Sometimes it is a surprise for the West if you speak about missile or bomb tests. At the same time, other countries have the same type of weapons, I mean vacuum bombs. So it is not correct to say that only Russia possesses this weapon. Take the U.S., for example.  The U.S. used this kind of weapon during the war in Vietnam many years ago. So for military experts there is nothing new in it, it is an ordinary event. For Russia it is necessary to have more modern weapons. This bomb is a specific weapon – it could be used against terrorists. As for using it in a conventional war, in my opinion, it would seldom be used, I mean against regular troops.

RT: That is an interesting point you have raised, using it against terrorists. We are not quite sure of the timing of this test, when it actually took place, but the details were released yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11 attack. Something of a surprise announcement. Do you think the Russian military has anything else, some more weapons that they will tell us about in the near future?

V.E.: This type of weapon is different from all other bombs. First of all, the damaged area is greater than with any other bomb. Secondly, if the enemy, for example, terrorists, hide in caves, it is possible to use this type of bomb. It is specific and Russia may use it in the war against terrorists which I consider good type of activities and personally support.

RT: Is it likely that other countries will try to follow? We know that America has a similar sort of weapon. Is it likely that other countries around the world will try to have the same technology?

V.E.: In my opinion, now the level of technology in Russia and the West are very different. The Russian vacuum bomb is huge and difficult to carry. It is necessary to use a plane, it is very difficult to use on a missile, for example. Therefore Russia cannot speak about leadership in the sphere, it is not correct. In my opinion, it is now necessary to buy modern weapons because technical level of weapons in Russian army is low and it is necessary to change this situation because such a situation is very dangerous.