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Interview with Roman Shleynov

The Prosecutor General's Office says the names of those involved in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya are known. Roman Shleynov, editor of the Investigation section at Novaya Gazeta, where the journalist worked, gave RT his comments.

Russia Today: Your newspaper got an extensive interview with the lead Federal Investigator in the murder case. How credible do you find the statement that the case has been solved?

Roman Shleynov: Yes, we trust Petros Garibyan, who’s the head of the Investigation’ Committee. He is considered to be a very good professional. Our correspondents have been working in close contact with him.  

RT: Is it your belief that the investigation has been carried out in a thorough manner and has been free of outside interference?

R.S.: According to Petros Garibyan, they haven’t felt any pressure, and there have been no attempts to influence them, at least for now. We can’t predict what will happen in the future but at least now we can state there’s no pressure in this investigation.  

RT: The Prosecutor's Office says it knows who ordered the hit and will release the name shortly. Are there any indications of when they'll do this and who it might be?

R.S.: The investigators said they knew who the killer is but certainly they won’t release the name before the arrest. It was a big problem for the investigation when a list of suspects they had arrested suddenly leaked to the press. Mr Garibyan said they would certainly want to find out who among state officials made such a leak possible. So for the time being, the name of the suspected killer will be kept secret.

RT: Your newspaper is carrying out its own investigation into Anna's death? Could you tell us something about it?

R.S.: Our deputy Editor-in Chief, who conducted this interview [with Petros Garibyan], and our correspondent Vyacheslav Izmailov, are working in good contact with official investigators and the representatives of our newspaper share all the information they manage to gather from different sources with them.

RT: Are you satisfied with the way the investigation is going, with the work of the Prosecutor General’s Office?

R.S.: At least for now, yes. We have some doubts concerning political statements made by some leaders, but in general we are satisfied with the work.