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Interview with Nikolay Dimidyuk

Nikolay Dimidyuk, Director for Special Commissions of Russia's defence exports organisation, Rosoboronexport, joined Russia Today to assess the success of MAKS 2007 air show. 

Russia Today: What is your opinion on MAKS 2007, has it been a very big success do you think?
Nikolay Dimidyuk: Today, on the last day of the air show, I can definitely say that MAKS 2007 was a success, and the most impressive thing was its scale. About 800 companies have taken part in this show, 530 of them being Russian, and the rest foreign ones. Also, 39 official delegations visited MAKS 2007, so the impression is great, and the delegations’ interest was rather high because at this air show we saw the increase of the possibilities of the aerospace industry, air defence equipment and so on. It is rather interesting for Rosoboronexport too, because we had an opportunity to communicate with our competitors and potential buyers.
RT: How important is this show for the Russian arms industry?
N.D.: The demand for Russian arms is always high because of their high quality, but this show increases the possibility of this demand. For example, at MAKS 2007 we have signed a deal with the Chilean delegation about the expansion of co-operation in military technology. There are a lot of such examples, and we use them to expand the market of Russian arms. This year’s MAKS is no exception.
RT: You are a representative of Rosoboronexport. Do you think it has successfully performed at the show?
N.D.: Rosoboronexport was a key sponsor of this air show, but we took part in it as well. We have given support to enterprises and had a number of talks with delegations. Naturally, we consider the contacts established during this air show very successful.