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Interview with Mikhail Chernov

Mikhail Chernov, the Head of the International Department of the Russian Business Consulting journal, joined Russia Today to comment on Moldova-Russia relations.

Russia Today: We are talking about the meeting between the two presidents. So, are we expecting any concrete results on the Moldovan wine exports or on Transdniester?

Mikhail Chernov: I would say that Moldovan wine exports itself is not a problem. The problem is the general relations between Russia and the Republic of Moldova. Several days ago one of the overseas analysts spoke to Mr Vasile Tarlev, the Prime Minister of Moldova, and he said that some breakthrough during these negotiations in Moscow could happen. And this breakthrough, of course, will be connected with general relations between Russia and Moldova. I think the issues of wine export and Transdniester would be resolved after the negotiation on relations between Russia and Moldova in general.

RT: Also the problem of Russian soldiers in Transdniester as well, So, is it possible that they would be moved out from Transdnister?

M.C.: I do no think so. What does Russia need from Moldova? Russia does not want that the Republic of Moldova would be allied to NATO and the guarantee that this republic would shift its politics towards Russia and its military presence in Transdniester region. So, I do not think so. I think that there will be negotiations on the Transdniester Republic and this is the only possibility to solve all these problems with wine and with Transdniester, to achieve a new variant of Mr. Kozak's agreement. And I think that this agreement would be on reunification of Moldova and that Moldova should develop more close relations with Russia. There is a big problem with Romania now in Moldova. Several days ago the mayor of Chisinau expressed strong support for the reunification with Romania. I think that Mr Voronin does not want to lose his country. So, he came to Russia to negotiate on the future of Moldova and more close relations with Russia.